Splendid world-class landscapes
See and hear the muffled roar of the icebergs. Experience these gigantic ice sculptures as they move through the ice fjord every day on their way to the open sea. At least once in your life you should treat yourself to this main attraction of Greenland. There are excellent reasons why the Ilulissat Icefjord is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On foot, by boat or by air
The Icefjord is equally spectacular regardless of whether you experience it at sea, from land or from the air in a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. IceCap Tours offers all three options. Check out the trips here at the website.

Fastest in the world
Every day, Nature’s enormous icemaker sends 86 million tonnes of ice into the fjord. Powerful forces of nature are at work, powered by the sun, the weather system and the force of gravity. The glacier is the most productive outside Antarctica and its ice stream is one of the fastest in the world by far. The high speed is due to the fact that ice from an enormous drainage area collects in a relatively narrow ice stream. Even though the glacier is enormous – 40 to 90 meters high, 680 metres thick and 7,500 metres wide – it moves 40 metres every 24 hours, approximately 46 cubic kilometers of ice per year.  The melt water from this amount of ice could cover USA’s annual water consumption.

Symbol of climate change
The glacier sends significantly more ice into the fjord than it did only a decade ago. Satellite photos show that the glacier has moved 11 kilometres inland between the 1960s and 2003. Particularly in recent years, the increased melting of ice from this glacier has become a symbol of the impact of global warming.