Join us on this guided hike to Sermermiut and Ilulissat Icefjord and experience nature, culture and history like never before.

Our local guides have a thorough knowledge of this astonishing area, which in 2004 was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is no surprise that the Icefjord is one of the most popular attractions in the country and you will quickly understand why this is a must-see when visiting Greenland.

The hike starts at the old heliport and we begin walking ‘The World Heritage Trail’ and hear about how three different Inuit cultures of fishermen and hunters established the first summer camp here almost four-thousand years ago. We pass old Inuit graves and hear about flora and fauna, geology and the history of the famous icefjord.

We then make our way to Sermermiut, an Inuit settlement in the Disko Bay. The area is still characterised by the many years of settlements and ruins from the ancient turf huts. It is here you will see Inuit graves and witness evidence from a harsh past. Throughout the hike, there are magnificent views of the gigantic icebergs. The tour is concluded at the turf hut, where it will be possible to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch.

Please note there is a minimum of four persons required for the activity to go ahead.

Guided Hike to Sermermiut & Icefjord

Duration: 4 hrs

Season: All year

Availability: Monday – Sunday

Participants: 4-14

From: DKK 800.00

Guided Hike to Sermermiut & Icefjord

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