Ever dreamt of watching a glacier calve and feeling the power of thousands of tonnes of ice crashing into the water below? Well, the chances of your dreams becoming a reality are high when joining our luxury cruise to the famous Eqi glacier.

The Eqi glacier is more than 100 metres high and five kilometres wide and is one of the fastest-calving glaciers in the world. 

We sail from Ilulissat up north where we will pass huge icebergs that lie harmoniously with the stunning Greenlandic coastline. Here, there is a high chance that you may spot different species of whales, the largest animals on earth. On this tour, you are given exclusive access to get up close with this majestic piece of natural beauty. We will be stationed right in front of the glacier for a few hours, listening to the many sounds it produces, some of which can be compared to dynamite exploding.

Whilst onboard one of our comfortable and safe boats, you can choose to relax in the heated indoor cabin and enjoy the view through the panoramic windows, or stand on the deck and feel the sun, wind and the fresh Greenlandic air.  A delicious and plentiful lunch will be served around midday and it is possible to buy various beverages onboard. The time taken to return to Ilulissat depends on the amount of ice in the water, but we should arrive back in the city late in the afternoon.

Please note there is a minimum of eight persons required for the activity to go ahead.

Luxury Cruise to Eqi

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Duration: 5-6 hrs

Season: 15 June – October

Participants: 8-12

From: DKK 2,500.00

Luxury Cruise to Eqi

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