Join us on an unforgettable walk to view the mesmerising northern lights.

A natural phenomena that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years, the northern lights (also known as ‘Aurora Borealis’) is nature’s very own dancing light show. The performance occurs in high-latitude regions when charged particles from the sun become trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field, resulting in an otherworldly natural light display.

The tour begins at the IceCap Tour office, from where we drive away from the city’s lights and into the wilderness. We walk the famous ‘World Heritage Trail’ and learn all about the northern lights and its fascinating history. While enjoying the view, the guide will supply Greenlandic coffee. 

Please note there is a minimum of four persons required for the activity to go ahead.

Northern Lights Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hrs

Season: November – March

Availability: Monday – Sunday

Participants: 4-14

From: DKK 325.00

Northern Lights Walking Tour

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