Whale watching is the most amazing marine wildlife adventure in Greenland and an ultimate bucket-list item.

We offer the opportunity to join our small guided tour with an experienced and professional local guide that has extensive knowledge on these large and intelligent mammals.

Whales migrate from the area around Qasigiannguit in the south all the way through to the Ataa Sound in the north. Along the way, they love to forage in the area around Paakitsoq Bay where we often see several whales feasting in waters close to the icefjord, which are full of aquatic life.

The tour takes place in one of our comfortable and safe boats, which are all equipped with hydrophones that allow you to listen underwater. Using these devices we are able to hear the beautiful song of the whales that can travel hundreds of kilometres underwater. You may have the opportunity to see several types of whales on the trip, including minke whales, fin whales and humpback whales, but also the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale. The whaling history in North Greenland is incredibly fascinating and there are plenty of opportunities on the trip to hear many exciting stories about whalers of the time.

Book now and don’t miss out on the opportunity to see these majestic creatures in real-life and in their natural habitats.

Please note there is a minimum of eight persons required for the activity to go ahead.

Whale Watching Boat Tour

Duration: 3 hrs

Season: 15 June – October

Participants: 8-12

From: DKK 1,300.00

Whale Watching Boat Tour

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